Precor Strength Package

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This 6 piece Precor circuit was used only in a private gym and is in great condition. Full body workout for commercial or home gym.

Multipress – (Chest press, Incline press, Shoulder press)

Leg Combo – (Leg extensions, Seated leg curls)

Lat/Row – (Lat pulldown, Seated cable row)

Bicep/Tricep – (Arm curl, Tricep pushdown)

Ab/Back – (Ab crunch, Back Extensions)

Leg Press – (Leg Press, Calf Press Extensions)

Averaging over $4000 each, this package would exceed $20,000. Huge savings priced to move at $8995.


Combo Circuit, Leg Extension – Curl, Lat Pulldown – Row, Multi-Press, Abdominal – Back Extension, Leg Press – Calf Press, Bicep Curl -Tricep Pushdown

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