Edge Fitness Hip Extension


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Ready to take your glute and hip training to the next level?

• Built from a modified version of our Belt Squat, this plate-loaded unit allows users to effectively perform a hip-thrust exercise.

• An excellent way to develop strength in the hip and glute muscles.

• Unit design offers a safe method for performing a hip-thrust exercise, much easier than the often used barbell-on-hip method.

• Comfortable and durable back pad supports you throughout the duration of the exercise.

• Weight sleeve design prevents 45 lb plates from bottoming out, meaning users can achieve a full range of motion without issue.


• Color: Black, powder coated

• Weight: 165 lbs

• Footprint: 66″ x 58″ x 33″ (Fits well on a 4 ft x 6 ft mat)

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