Fray Fitness Savage Series Squat Stand (short) w/ Spotter Arms

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The Fray Fitness Savage Series Squat Stand Short is built rock solid. While many competitors use a smaller ground base, the base on the Savage Squat Stand Short is made of 3″ x 3″ making it as stout as possible. Built with 11-gauge steel throughout, it also has all of our savage series features which include laser cut numbers at each hole and 1″ massive hardware. J-cups included.


  • Height: 74″
  • Footprint 49½” x 48¼”
  • Hole Size: 1”

Compatible Savage Series attachments are:

-Savage Landmine

-Lever Arms

-Leg Roller

-Savage Dip Attachment

-Savage Weight Storage Pegs

-Savage Series Spotter Arms

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