Free Motion Hip Adduction Hip Abduction Combo Machine


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The open, accessible design of the FreeMotion EPIC Hip Adduction/Abduction makes working the thighs easy for all body types. This comfortable, non-restrictive design features pivoting pads to create two leg workouts in one machine. Nine different start positions isolate and strengthen inner and outer upper leg muscles to contribute to an all over strength training workout.

The Free Motion EPIC line is a 23-piece variable resistance strength training circuit that offers a unique workout experience through the use of fixed, isolated movement patterns, which build individual muscle strength, and provide enhanced safety and ease. The EPIC line also features independent movement arms for single or dual exercises, extended handles, and a converging axis of motion on select models, as well as multiple user adjustments on all models designed to promote proper exercise form for maximum workout efficiency.

A FreeMotion EPIC Hip Adduction and Abduction Combo is, and can best be described as follows: An Inner-Outer Thigh is a plate-loaded or selectorized combination piece of commercial gym equipment designed to work both the inner and outer thigh muscles when the user alternately performs the anatomical movements of Adduction, or moving the legs toward the midline of the body, and Abduction, or moving the legs away from the midline of the body. When using an Inner-Outer Thigh machine the user is seated with the legs either close together, with pads placed outside each knee for outer thigh exercises, or with the legs spread apart, with pads placed inside each knee for inner thigh exercises.

L x W x H in (cm): 62.5 x 28.5 x 58 in

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