FreeMotion Single Stack Cable Crossover


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The Freemotion Cable Cross Over Machine provides users with an easy and effective way to get a great total body workout! This versatile exercise machine features independent arms and handles for endless workout possibilities.

The Cable Cross Machine features a smooth pulley design, which ensures fluid cable travel and allows for a wide range of motion. Extensive cable travel allows for fully arm extension in both single and double arm exercises.

This machine system provides a diverse range of workout options. This gives exercisers a more custom and comprehensive workout. Exercisers can perform a variety of standing strength exercises to condition different sets of muscles. Some exercises allow you to target muscles used in specific sports such as golf or tennis.

  • Constructed of electrostatically powder coated 11- and 7-gauge steel
  • Features 16-gauge kick plates to protect from everyday wear and tear
  • Enclosed weight stack limits access to the moving parts to ensure user safety
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