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  • Perform squats without involving the shoulders or back.
  • Wide platform allows sumo stances, split squats, lunges, etc.
  • Thick rubber platform surface offers durability and high traction.
  • Attach a handle for pull throughs, shrugs or tricep extensions.
  • Supplied with heavy duty padded belt.


The groundbreaking Belt Squat Machine allows you to get a full leg and glute workout without putting a bar on your back. Simply load plates on the weight pegs and step onto the platform. Then hook the cable to the supplied squat belt and start squatting.

The large deckplate offers versatility as well as plenty of platform space for safety and stability during set-up, execution and conclusion of the exercise. On the Belt Squat Machine you can do everything from a close, athletic stance to a sumo stance. You can also do split squat stances, staggered stances, box squats, and even stationary lunges. Don’t be limited by pendulum actions or small footplates on similar devices!

Exchange the belt for other attachments and the multipurpose nature of the Belt Squat Machine can be fully realized. You can attach a pair of web handles and do pull-throughs. Or use a V-grip to do deep grip pulls. Use a small straight bar for shrugs and dead lifts. Attach a single hand grip and do rows, curls and tricep extensions. You can even hook up a lat pulldown bar and do Zercher squats!

The rigid frame of the Belt Squat Machine is made with 2×2- and 3×3-inch, 11 gauge steel. Relatively few bolts make for extreme strength and rigidity. The Belt Squat Machine comes with an adjustable heavy duty belt. The belt has durable padding for comfort and a robust attachment point.



Spud Inc Belt Included

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