Pit Shark Belt Squat – Rogers Athletic Company (USF Weight Room)

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More than just a squat attachment, the Pit Shark Belt Squat allows you to complete a variety of exercises, including: squats, dips, chins, pulling movements, calf raises and more. Get proven results with a real squat movement while de-loading the spine.

PIT SHARK SQUATS, with the risk of spinal compression removed, is the foundation movement done on the PIT SHARK – but the possibilities are endless.

  • It’s easy hook-up with the hip belt and you instantly realize the freedom of movement possible.
  • It’s easy to isolate the lower body effectively when not distracted by a bar on your back – the safety is built in.
  • The confidence that comes from the risk of spinal compression being removed, translates into far better technique.
  • The PIT SHARK is an ideal “Squat Teacher”.
  • The PIT SHARK removes the time-wasting Set-Up required and improves the safety of doing Body-Weight and Weight-Loaded Squats, Dips, Calf Raises and much much more.
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