Rogue Bella Bar 2.0 Cerakote 15kg


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The new Cerakote Finish edition of the Rogue Bella Bar adds another level of durability and style to the industry’s finest American-made, multi-purpose women’s barbell. This is among the first bars in our arsenal to feature our advanced polymer-ceramic composite coating—an extremely robust finish used widely in the gun industry for its durability in thin applications. Available in a range of custom-color options with exclusive Rogue branding, this model is a genuine game changer.

From garage gyms to the annual CrossFit Games, the Rogue Bella Bar has been a staple of women’s training and competition for years. The Cerakote Finish version carries over many of the key design elements of the standard Bella Bar 2.0, including a 190,000 PSI tensile strength shaft (same as our flagship 15KG Ohio Bar), a hybrid knurling pattern for a firm but non-abrasive grip, and quality bronze bushings for a perfect balance of rigidity and natural whip.

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