Rogue Donkey

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The Rogue Donkey is an entirely new beast; an all-in-one hybrid of our Z Hyper reverse-hyper machine and Abram GHD 2.0 glute-ham developer. Available as its own stand-alone unit or as a conversion kit for an existing Rogue Z Hyper, the Donkey enables athletes to perform reverse hyperextensions, rows, back and hip extensions, GHD sit-ups, and glute-ham raises on the same piece of equipment, with quick and easy adjustments for height and user comfort. This makes it a space-efficient and cost-efficient new machine for everything from core strength development and midline stabilization to lower back rehab and spinal decompression.

Built in the USA with 3×3” 11-gauge steel base tubing, the bolt-together Rogue Donkey’s first innovation can be seen in its diamond-tread GHD footplate, which features built-in side handles for doing reverse hypers. Using the convenient swing-arm adjustment system, athletes can easily shift the position of the footplate/handles forward or backward at any of 10 different settings (simply by pulling a pop pin), with 3 additional options for vertical height adjustments. Customizations can also be made in weight load, as the hyper posts each feature a loadable length of 10.5″.

There are 3×3 steps on both the front and back side on the Donkey, making it easy to get up onto the pads for any type of movement. The pads themselves are 3.5″ thick and measure 34″ across in total, with an extended lip in front (to protect users’ hips from making contact with any hard surfaces) and a curved design in back more like our GHD 2.0 pads. There is also a removable middle insert pad, giving male athletes greater comfort and freedom of movement when doing back extensions with their feet against the tread plate.

The entire unit is finished in our Signature texture black powder coat, with rubber feet included standard to protect your gym floor and keep the unit stable. A pair of axle collars and a Spud Inc Reverse Hyper Strap are also included.

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