Rogue Fitness Monster Wallmount Rig


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MW-24 wallmount can be broken up into smaller sections, or turned into a free standing rig.

The Monster Wall Mount Rig utilizes the same “overbuilt” 3×3″ 11-Gauge Steel tubing and 1″ hardware as the stand-alone Monster Rig, but can be bolted directly to a solid wall (concrete, cinder block, wood, etc). This enables gym owners to add top-tier squat/bench and pull-up stations while saving money and optimizing facility space.

The Rogue Monster Rig is manufactured in Ohio and designed to meet the demands of the leading Affiliates and strength training centers in the world. The system is available in four standard lengths (10′, 14′, 20′, 24′) but is fully customizable with limitless expansion and accessory options—including the Monster Matador, Monster Landmine, Plate Storage Posts, and more.

All Monster Wall Mount Rigs feature adjustable pull-up bars, Monster J-cups, and your choice of crossmember design (fat skinny, single skinny, single fat) and upright height (7’6″, 9′, or 12′).

We also have additional accessories. Spotter arms. Climbing holds with crossmember.

Rig Size

M-10, M-14, M-20, M-24

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