Squatmax-MD Belt Squat (rack mounted)

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The Squatmax-MD Belt Squat utilizes free weight and a unique pin and guide rod system to allow for vertical squatting. After testing the Squatmax-MD and comparing it to a cable-based belt squat (the Rogue Rhino) and lever-arm belt squat (Titan Belt Squat, Pitshark, and Wenning Belt Squat) we can confidently recommend the Squatmax-MD. It takes longer to set up and doesn’t have the versatility of cable-based systems, but for squatting, the Squatmax-MD is hard to beat.

The Squatmax-MD is a patented belt squat system developed by Brian Henesey of OverAchieve Sports and Speed (creator of the Multi Belt and Henny Strap System) and manufactured here in Ohio by Rogue.

Our rack-mounted version of the Squatmax-MD features an adjustable, laser-cut steel platform (18” to 24” height) with a loading pin that moves up and down a special guide rod welded to the base of the unit. This design keeps the weight load in the vertical plane as you train, creating a pure, free-weight movement that truly mimics the optimal lower body activation of a traditional barbell back squat—with little or no need for supervision.

Because the weight can be centered directly under the lifter’s hip musculature with band resistance, the Squatmax-MD also reduces the shearing effect on the lower back that’s sometimes created by lever-arm and pulley-based belt squat systems. This difference, combined with the system’s mobility and decompression benefits (“MD”), make the Squatmax a great option not only for athletes with back/shoulder limitations, but any gym looking for a safe, effective, spotter-free alternative to barbell back squats.

How To Use: The Squatmax-MD will mount to most standard 2×3” or 3×3” power racks or squat stands that feature two vertical uprights between 27″ and 50″ apart. Once set up, users can add plates to the loading pin while it is in the upright position and supported by the unit’s latch plates. Wearing the included Rogue Multi Belt with carabiner, users can then connect to the loading pin, pick up the weight slightly, and turn the 1×1 square tube steel handles away to hinge the latch plates out of the way and begin squatting.


  • Made In USA
  • Patent No: US 8,961,375 B2
  • Rack-Mounted Belt Squat System
  • Steel Construction
  • Weight: 160 LBS
  • Platform Dimensions: 44.75” length x 29” depth
  • Adjustable Platform Height: 18” to 24” in 2” increments
  • Texture Black Finish
  • Rogue Multi Belt, Carabiner, and Narrow Stance Plate included
  • Loadable Length of Pin: 19”
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