Star Trac Spinner NXT w/ Monitor


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One of the finest spinning bikes on the market today, the Star Trac Spinner NXT Generation 1 is the first choice among serious cyclists in training. Known for offering superior adjustability and comfort, the bike includes several very easy-to-use functions and features, and its durability rating is one of the highest in the business. The bike has a very strong, low-profile construction, and a frame that is twice-coated to prevent rust and oxidation. The saddle or seat on the bike is ultra comfortable, allowing users to ride hours on end. The seat is fully adjustable, offering over a dozen fine-tuned adjustment settings to match the rider’s size and preferences.

The handlebars on the Star Trac Spinner NXT Generation 1, which include a cross bar pad for those who desire to ride the spinner “triathlete style,” are also fully adjustable. Not only can users adjust the padded handlebars up and down to match their height, but also horizontally to create just the right riding angle and posture. The strong flywheel is smooth and fluid at all speeds, and is protected from the elements by a two-sided shroud that nearly covers it completely. The resistance knob on the bike, which enables riders to “change gears” during the ride, is located atop the flywheel for easy rider access. And the push brake system can bring the bike to a rapid stop to prevent unnecessary injury.

The Star Trac Spinner NXT Generation 1 is the perfect spinning bike for beginner to advanced riders. Used in gyms and fitness clubs around the world, the bike has a very low profile and takes up just a few feet of floor space. Its lightweight construction, coupled with the front wheels, makes it very portable. And the water bottle holder, located just above the crossbar on the frame, is positioned perfectly.

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