Titan Fitness Leverage Squat

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The Leverage Squat Machine is the ultimate lower body strength training machine that combines hack squats, standing leg press, leverage squats, and calf raises.

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Maximize your squat and calf training with the Leverage Squat Machine crafted to take all the stress and pressure off your lower back and knees. Built as a four-in-one machine that will take your glute and leg training to the next level. The angled diamond-plated platform footplate allows you to go lower than a traditional bar squat targeting your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The calf raise bar creates an efficient way to perform weighted standing calf raises, while the floorplate footplate allows for straight up and down squats. This machine is made from durable steel and has comfortable, firm padding for secure and safe training. The lever arms have a 1,000 LB weight capacity allowing you to pack on Olympic weight plates. The safety handle is close at hand, making exiting and reentering the machine a breeze. When you are finished with your exercise, nestle it into the safety notch, and you are all set. Use the weight pegs at the base to store additional plates, adding stability to the machine and helping organize your home gym. This home gym machine will take your gym to the next level, adding mass and power to your legs.

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