Torque Fitness Tank Group Anchor Station

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The group action station houses all the weights and training tools selected for a 10 person group TANK™ push sled workout, with portability to any location inside or outdoors.


Built with thick-walled round tubing finished with a midnight black textured outdoor grade powder coat enamel. Fits securely on top of TANK™ for loading and transporting all weights and training tools. Fully loaded down, it provides up to 10 person anchoring / up to 20 anchoring points for battle ropes, resistance bands, Ripp trainers and more. Compatible with TANK™ M4 and TANK™ MX when used with the TANK Weight Horn Kit (XTWHK)

  • Group Anchor Station
  • Integrates with TANK™
  • Makes training portable
  • Doubles as Battle Rope Anchor
  • Compatible with TANK™ M4 and TANK™ MX when used with XTWHK
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