Valor Fitness Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hangers (120lb Capacity)


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Securely mount a heavy punching bag to the CA-17 Wall Mount. This versatile unit is a space saver in any home or light-commercial gym by allowing users to work on their entire upper body in one place.

Features and Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY: Wall Mount for Heavy Punching Bag constructed from 1.5” x 1.5” 12-Gauge Steel for strength and durability.
  • SOLID STEEL J-HOOK: Made from solid Steel to securely hold 120 lb. heavy punching bag.
  • SUPPORT BAR: Angled support bar provides added safety and stability by preventing bending and dispersing weight pressure throughout frame.
  • ADDITIONAL: Frame measures 25.5” tall and 39” wide. Extends 30” from wall. Perfect fit for a home gym with minimal working space.
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