Booty Builder V8


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The Booty BuilderĀ® V8 is our latest innovation. It is built on experience from our eight previous models.

BB V8 is totally redesigned.

It takes less space and footprint than our previous models.

Easier to adjust and faster set up!

Booty Builder makes hip-thrusting safer, faster and more effective. The Patented raised feet design puts you in the ultimate position to isolate the glutes.

Booty Builder has a wide range of users. From Gym members wanting strong glutes, medical facilities and professional sporting teams.

People are realizing the importance of glute activation for physical function, strength and performance.

The Booty Builder V8 comes with 6 free rubber bands that are used for extra resistance.

Compact design
Eliminates the need to occupy benches, barbells, weight plates and floor space. The innovative design makes it possible to place it close to a wall, or
into a corner.

The patented raised feet design gives users the optimal range of motion and movement for targeting the gluteus maximus.

The adjustable cushioned belt makes is comfortable and easy to set up.

The 350LB / 160KG selectorized weight stack makes it easy and quick to select weights for faster setup.

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