Centr 3 by Inspire SF3 Smith Functional Trainer with Folding Bench

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  • 2-In-1 Home Gym Where A Cable Resistance Machine Meets A Smith Machine
  • Built-In Selectorized Smith Bar with Up To 360 lbs. Of Resistance
  • Selectorized Smith Bar Connects to The Weight Stacks for A Safer Workout
  • Frictionless Cable Movement with Precision Steel Ball Bearing System
  • Includes 7 Accessories, Adjustable Workout Bench and A Pull Up Bar

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This ultimate two-in-one home gym combines a functional cable machine for dynamic movements and a Selectorized Smith Machine for traditional exercises, all in one streamlined design. Centr 3 is equipped with two 165 lb. pin loaded weight stacks (330 lb. in total), and our smooth-gliding pulley system for frictionless movements. The two adjustable swivel pulleys offer 30 unique vertical positions and when combined with the superior travel distance of the cables, there’s almost no dynamic movement or resistance training exercise you can’t do on this machine.

In addition to the Centr 3’s dynamic cable system, its patented Selectorized Smith Bar is safer than a traditional smith bar and offers more workout variety without losing time between exercises. Say goodbye to loading and off loading heavy Olympic plates, and even say goodbye to your spotter. The Selectorized Smith Bar ties right into the weight stacks and features an innovative weight multiplier system enabling you to lift up to 360 lb. in a safe and controlled manner. So you get all of the weight you need, without the hassle or storage of heavy plates and multiple pieces of equipment in your home. Perform squats or add a Centr workout bench for presses.

Centr 3 Home Gym Functional Trainer is made from heavy-duty steel frame, 20 lb. smith bar, and industrial-grade cables. It comes complete with a built-in pull up bar, a phone/tablet holder, and 7 accessories – (2) D Handles, Triceps Rope, Dual Hook Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Multi-Purpose Belt, and (2) 5 lb. Add On Weights. It’s everything you need to train in one machine. The Centr 3 (previously Inspire Fitness SF3) is built on 20+ years of quality craftsmanship from the team at Inspire Fitness.

This home gym solution also comes with a Folding Workout Bench for increased workout options. Constructed with an easy-to-adjust six-position back pad, ranging from decline to incline, you can customize your workout to target specific muscle groups effectively. The sturdy, steel frame provides stability and support during intense training sessions. Moving the bench into position is easy thanks to the convenient front handle and heavy-duty wheels. When you’re done with it, the bench folds flat for simple storage.

Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 59 × 48 in
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