Hampton Gel Grip Urethane Dumbbell Set 5 to 50

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Hampton’s Gel-Grip® Series dumbbells are premium urethane weights.

No other dumbbell attracts more attention and excitement than the Gel-Grip® Series Dumbbell. The Gel-Grip® urethane handle prevents your hand from moving during your workout. The Gel-Grip handles are ergonomically designed and contoured to support the hands natural curve for a comfortable, solid grip. Its non-porous surface does not collect germs or bacteria as other knurled handles do. The outside shoulders of each handle have been expanded to 50 millimeters, which centers the handle and eliminates the painful impact typical of traditional handles that slide during workouts. Our stainless steel faceplates offer custom-engraved decals for your brand-name recognition.

note: priced low as a single 25, and a single 45 have some cracking and tape repair.

set retails for $4k


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