Legend Fitness Squat Machine w/ Calf Blaster


Horizontal and angled foot platforms offer different stance options for safely performing squats.

Perform leaps and jumps to build explosive power.

Removable Calf Blaster included.

12.5 inch, Olympic-sized weight pegs hold at least 6 plates.

Side-loading design is much easier to use, with fewer smashed fingers than top-loading designs.

Sliding solid steel pegs offer three starting heights and serve as easy-to-use safeties.

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The Squat Machine with Calf Blaster from Legend Fitness is more versatile than it looks. Load up to six plates (or more) per side for the ultimate in strength-building power. Then step up onto the horizontal or angled diamond plate foot platforms to perform squats safely and securely. Reduce the weight and build explosive power with jumps and leaps. Pull up a bench or box and do shoulder presses. Slide the included Calf Blaster over the platform and rise your way up to stronger sprints.



The chain and sprocket system prevents the weight from bouncing or accelerating faster than the user, making this piece ideal for not only traditional squats, but also jump squats. This allows you to add explosive acceleration and deceleration training to controlled compound movements. It also makes for for a safe approach to huge gains in sprinting power and jumping ability.



Unloaded, the weight resistance on the Squat Machine with Calf Blaster machine is 40 pounds.


Available in any of our 30+ standard powder coat colors with any of our 85+ standard upholstery colors. Two-tone upholstery is available for an additional fee. The Calf Blaster is included, but comes in Silver Vein only.


The two Olympic-sized, chrome-plated weight pegs are 12.5 inches in length. These pegs should be able to hold at least six plates per side, depending on who made them and whether they are coated. Side-loading design is much easier to use and more finger-friendly than competing designs.


The shoulder pads are extra-thick, dense foam coated in hand-stitched vinyl. They provide ample cushioning, even during the heaviest squats, and are easy to wipe clean afterwards. There is a set of foam padded transverse handles mounted outside of the shoulder pads for stability and security during sets.


Sliding solid steel pegs allow for three different starting heights and are designed to be quick and simple to operate, even when the user is fatigued.


The heavy-duty chain and cogs are pre-greased for smooth operation.

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