Rogue Fitness Monster RM-4 Fortis Power Rack


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The versatile, American-made RM-4 Fortis power rack features the same 3×3″ 11 gauge steel construction and 1″ hardware as the standard Monster Series, but with fully welded panels in a satin black finish. The holes are spaced 2″ on center up and down the front and back of each 90.375″ upright, and one Monster Single Skinny Pull-Up Bar comes standard. These features—along with the reduction in hardware and shipping created by the full panel welding—makes the Fortis a top quality power rack at a budget price.

Both the 43″ depth RM-4 Fortis rack and the more compact 30″ depth RM-3 Fortis are manufactured in the USA, and ship with a set each of Monster J-cups, Pin/Pipe Safeties, and Band Pegs. Every pin position on the uprights and the bottom crossmembers is identified with a laser cut number, allowing an easy visual when setting J-cups and safeties to identical heights.

Color Black
Made In USA Yes
Length 49″
Width 49″
Height 90.375″
Foot Print 53″ x 53″
Steel Notes 3×3″ 11 gauge steel
Other Product Specs Includes (1) XM-431 Single Pull-up Bar
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