Titan Fitness Stealth Leg Press


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The Stealth Leg Press is a unique rack-mounted lower-body attachment that converts to three additional rack functions as well as a push sled.
The Stealth Leg Press is an all-in-one rack-mounted attachment that offers everything you need to power through various strength training workouts. Crafted as a fully functional leg press or easily convert into an arm press, kickback, dip station, or bring it off the rack and utilize it as a push, pull, or drag sled. Built for space savings, it features a large diamond-plated footplate, dual repositionable weight sleeves sized to fit Olympic-style weight plates, and adjustable safety stoppers that prevent the leg press from swinging freely. Additionally, it features repositionable UHMW-lined J-Hooks that double as Sled Skis. Versatile, durable, and exceptionally functional, the Stealth Leg Press focuses on strength, speed, and power training activities.
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